Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our cats or kittens. To ensure all cats go to responsible and loving homes we ask that you please fully complete  and submit the form below. Hope to Home for Cats is a non-profit organization who requires a $100 tax deductible donation and contract to be filled out and signed for each cat or kitten adopted.

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Hypothetical "Behavioral Problems" Questions:

Cats often open cupboards to hide and play. How do you feel about this or any other mischievous behavior?

What will you do if the cat doesn't use the litter box?

What if the cat hides under the bed or acts anti-social?

What will you do if the cat wants to climb on or sleep on the furniture, countertops, or other places you do not want the cat in or on?

Adoption Questions:

Where will the litter box be kept?

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Do you plan to de-claw the cat?

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Are you willing to take the responsibility of caring for the cat it's entire life, including costly vet bills if it gets sick?

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What is the best time to call you for a follow-up conversation?

Would you be interested in saving a cat's life by providing a foster home until the cat is placed in a new home?

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Explain what makes this feline so special and why would you want to adopt this cat?

By Checking the box below, I, applicant, hereby acknowledge that all of the following information is true and correct. I understand that all of information supplied above will be used by Hope to Home for Cats for the sole purpose of determining my potential as an adopter, and that all information given is subject to verification by Hope to Home for Cats. Furthermore, I understand that the completion of the application does not guarantee the cat(s) I want will be adopted to me. Hope to Home for Cats reserves the right to refuse adoption based on information provided (or omitted.)
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